Introduction | Decompiled
March 23, 2023


I am a software developer by trade, recently fascinated with AI technologies. I tried GPT-3 previously, but it still seemed like a toy to me. GPT-4, for me, has crossed a psychological threshold in the quality of its answers. Almost overnight, Chat GPT-4 has become a product I use daily in my job as a developer. It has replaced Google as my go-to for many technical queries, and compared to the potential, this is a boring and mundane use case. This blog is a record of my journey with AI.

Although I consider myself quite technologically sophisticated, having 7 years of professional experience coding, I am a neophyte with machine learning, having only seriously looked at the space for about a week at the time of writing.

I plan to use this site as a record of my experiments with Large Language Models (LLM) like GPT-4, and image generation with Stable Diffusion, like DALL-E. I may explore other AI topics in the future, although chat and images are my current focus. The blog itself, a static site generated with Gatsby and hosted with Vercel, is largely the verbatim output of Chat GPT-4 at this point. So far, it was able to add a "copy" feature for code blocks, as well as the dark mode toggle.

Some posts will be informal lab report-type entries, others might be more tutorial-based, and some will feature my personal musings. All material should be assumed to be partially generated by AI, although I have written this page without AI assistance.

This about page was written the old-fashioned way, although GPT did make some corrections on a draft. All content on this site should be assumed to be at least partially generated by an AI. All material is provided as-is, without warranty or liability, and is intended for educational purposes only.

If you want to contact the author of the page, I can be emailed at The source code can be found here.

Twitter: @decompiled_dev