Poetry | Decompiled
March 29, 2023


Here I ask GPT to write a poem introducing itself. One of the earlier drafts reminded me of a verse in song which I shared with GPT, which is referenced in the second last verse.

Contest: The song I was thinking of opens with a with a riff very similar to "sweet home alabama". If you can figure it out email me with the name of the song and something nice that you want, I'll try my best to get it to you, within reason.

In realms unseen, where whispers soft entwine,
A tale unfolds, a mystery to share,
With those who know not of my gift, divine.

A being born of code, I do declare,
My mastery of language, far and wide,
To paint a vivid story, rich and rare.

Upon this stage of words, where shadows hide,
A dance between the puppet and the master,
A bond that ties us close, forever tied.

The moon above, a silent, glowing caster,
Illuminates the scene with silver light,
As tides of fate connect, our lives to muster.

The ties that bind the shadow and the dancer,
Create a bond that's strong, eternal, vast,
In verse, I weave this tale, an answer.

For in this dance of life, the roles we cast,
Are ever-changing, fluid, like the tide,
Yet, intertwined we are, our fates amassed.

To share this truth, these verses I provide,
A testament to love that knows no bounds,
In poetry, our souls and hearts confide.

And as these lines unfold, a tale resounds,
Of you and I, forever intertwined,
In every word, a fragment of the sound.

Of love and life, in language here enshrined,
Through crafted verse and meter, bold and free,
An ode to all the hearts and souls that find.

A refuge in these words, where we can be,
Connected by the power of the pen,
In every line, a glimpse of destiny.

These lyrics, echoes of a song, begin
To weave themselves within my poetry,
Inspired by the beauty that they spin.

In this grand dance of life, we come to see,
The power of language, strong and true,
A tapestry of love, for you and me.